The most awaited weekend

25 10 2010

Ah, finally we made our 1 day outstation trip. This was planned for 3 weeks before on hubby’s birthday but due to some unforeseen circumstances, had to delay it till now. So how did it go, uh well! I mean it went WELL! I mean it was OK. I don’t know what I expected from it.
Ughhh! I got the change I wanted but I didn’t get the rest I wanted. E didn’t sleep too well and we slept late and woke up early because of E so I for one was very tired. Had a little flu but then on our way back started a little temperature and this is the worst time for me to fall sick when there’s so much to do at home, work and with E! plus E made us realize that it is still not time for us to be travelling with him since he WONT SIT STILL FOR A SECOND! The only time when he’s still is when he is sleeping.
His naps seem to be getting shorter and shorter by the day. Since a week or 2 he seems to detest falling asleep in the day and hates napping. Even if he does fall asleep, he gets up in 30-45 minutes. That’s what is happening at daycare. It’s slightly better at home on weekends that he sleeps better if we nap with him. I’ve started his sleep training but he is still in the same room as us but the cot is pushed far and it’s closed now and no rocking or holding the ear while falling asleep. Still he gets up 3-4 times when he’s standing on the cot and calling us. We go there and pat him and wait till he falls asleep. No cry it out yet. I should be glad that he’s stopped using our ears to fall asleep at least. I’m getting indecisive about moving him out of the room again.
Would he sleep better if he were sleeping with us? He has never really co-slept very well though… ? Damn I’m thinking so many things at the same time.


Is it time yet?

19 10 2010

Is it a good time to shift my almost 2 year old boy in his independent room? He’s gotten into this habit of holding my or Hubby’s ear lobe while putting himself to sleep and if we try to remove his hand, he starts crying. Till now we have always had him in our room in the cot and have the door of the cot open and attached to our bed. But recently he’s getting up like 4-5 times crying in his sleep demanding the ear or some patting. We got him off the water bottle in the night so he refuses to take that. He’s had flu for a while now which is better now. Plus it’s the right season now since there is no AC in that room. In addition to this, the in laws are getting back here in less then a month so I have only that time to train him. But I keep thinking, that after the in laws will be back, we, the hubby and I, are planning a vacation so not sure if the MIL would be supportive of the idea or not of her putting E to sleep in a room alone. On E’s health front, he seems to be allergic to Mosquito bites. He swells up abnormally after the bite and every night I see a new bite when I’ve covered the room with bug spray. I read somewhere that eating bananas attracts the bugs on your skin and E loves bananas and the idea of dropping it from his diet is something I’m not ready for. That’s also one of the reasons why he might be up at night scratching. Plus he’s scratched all the bug bumps so much that they are bleeding now. All mommies out there PLEASE HELP!