The return…

12 11 2010

Hello hello All! It’s been long yes and have I been busy, Hell yea! Quite a number of things have been going on: I’ll just bullet point them; 1. E got pretty sick AGAIN! What do I do for his immunities? The weather here sucks badly as it’s in transition to winters. It gets COLD when we’re not wearing sweaters and gets hot if we do wear them. E doesn’t take too well to such weathers. Had to give him Antibiotics for his chest congestion and haven’t told the MIL about it as she is very against them and generally avoids doctors in such cases. He’s well now but still has a flu and runny nose. 2. The In laws are coming in 2 days and we’re looking forward to it as its Eid time and it’s nice and festive with them here. 3. E has started talking and saying so many things Mashallah, that it’s difficult to keep track of them. He has started making friends and remembering their names in his Daycare. He has an adorable Accent which we can’t even replicate! 4. Our plans of a second honeymoon have been cancelled as we had OTHER plans! 5. The other plan is one where we have sold our current house and bought a property near the city. (We currently live very far from the city). We would continue to live in the same house on rent till that house is constructed which means all of our savings till now are spent and we would continue to make ends meet in the next year. But we are all very happy about it even though that place is HALF the size of our current place (We live in a Mansion right now, lol!). This new place is very near our community center where we go to EVERY EVENING. All the driving was driving me crazy and I was just bearing it all for the hope that some day I would be able to afford a piece of property in the city. The area is great and we’re planning on how to build it. We’re also meeting a professional architect (my colleague) tomorrow regarding draft designs.