Here comes the bear, stomping stomping!

31 12 2010

Lol! The topic has no correlation to my post.
The MIL is back for good now so my days of roaming around like a jungle queen are over. It rained yesterday and throughout I was feeling sad. Maybe, because of the depressing weather and maybe, because of the MIL returning. It’s really not that big a problem but when you’re sad, you generally make a big mess out of a small one.
I am however glad that E will get to spend half his day at home because he had recently starting showing his emotions on not getting enough attention. I get it. For 1.5 years he had been home with MIL getting all her attention and then bang for the next 6 months he is with his daycare teacher for 9-5! That was a huge change for him and Mashallah, he handled it very well but recently as I understand, all he wanted was to spend his time with us. If he was unable to get positive attention then he wanted the negative one. So I’m glad that he would get his granny’s whole and sole attention for half the day.
As for me, I’ll miss picking him up after work as I loved that part of the day when he’d leave everything and run to be and give me a huge HUG!
E is about to turn 2 in a few days, and I just don’t believe that time has flown away like a bird! A special E post coming up in a few days and hopefully this time, I’ll post it in time! 😀


Monotony, good or bad!

22 12 2010

There comes a time in a woman’s life when things are so unpredictable that all she wants is consistency in life. This more often then not happens when she is elevated to the status of a Mother. The newborn and the life after that is so entirely unpredictable that she strives her hardest to find some semblance in her life and routines. Sleeping on time and in a routine is what she yearns for which she barely gets, walking around like a zombie.

With time comes some sense in the routines and it finally starts settling in. Finally, when things start to fall in a routine, she gets tired of the monotony in life. This are finally in place and we know when to sleep, get up, get ready for work, get the kid ready, run to work, get back cook, feed, change, run to center, come back, eat, feed, change and then off to sleep. This just does not satisfy the thankless woman and all she wants is a “refreshing” change in life.

This is exactly what I’ve been feeling these days. I try my hardest to put E to sleep early and in the process I fall asleep myself but still the kid is not getting his required sleep. All this while, hubby and I barely get time with each other. We talk the most on the cell when we’re at work. It’s like we’re not married and living together anymore. I feel like we are living separately. I’ve been very sad and very depressed since a while now.

Whining continues…

21 12 2010

I’m tired, I’m running low on patience, I’m sick and I’m missing my folks L

We had a 4 day long weekend at work and I though it would be great. This is how my lOOONG weekend went;


Day 1: We were generally resting the day. Got up a little late and spent the day lazing around.

Day 2: The maid did NOT show up and I had LOADS of dishes and the house was a mess! I washed the dishes and the house, made lunch with trying to manage my dangerous toddler, trying to clean up the store, running crazy. Hubby had gone out for work.

Day 3: Hubby had a cricket match with his buddies and he injured his pinky finger of the right hand. Upon X-Ray, we found it was a fracture and needed plaster for 4 weeks (later we found that the ring finger was also majorly injured and required care for 6 weeks!!)

Day 4: Hubby in pain and not willing to take the pain killing shot, terrified like a baby! E throwing tantrums that Baba cannot pick him up!

We somehow survived the weekend. First day of the work week started with me contacting food poisoning and having severe diarrhea. It’s better today though. Hubby has been instructed to reach office early which means getting E ready before he’s had his sleep resulting in a cranky toddler. Moreover, since hubby cant dress him up now, I’ve been granted the honor and if you know my fidgety toddler then you will know what I mean. It’s back breaking!

On the house construction bit, we are running out of patience. The authorities here are so corrupt! They are completely ruining out budget and I’m so frustrated with the pace that things are going. It makes me cry that we are doing such an evil thing but giving them extra money for getting the work done. Every single person there is corrupt from top to bottom and this is driving us insane! All this is causing useless fights between the 2 of us!

So that’s how I’ve been, how have you all been? :p

long time

9 12 2010

I realize I haven’t written in almost a month. I’ve been so busy with work that as soon as I plan to write a post, something or the other comes up. And hubby doesn’t know of this blog of mine so I cant blog from home, not that I have any time left at home anyways. I mentioned that the MIL is back and has now gone to meet her younger daughter out of city. SIL is having another baby. Actually she HAD another baby; it’s a GIRL and was given birth to on 8th Dec 2010. A very healthy 8 pound baby Mashallah! So it’s the 4 of us at home, Me, hubby, FIL and E. E is getting so close to being 2! My God, I don’t know how time flies. E has learned so many new things, like he would raise both of his eyes in the Oh my God kind of way and would give me the raise brows in an inquiring way. He says Janu to call his baba(I call hubby Janu) and he calls by saying Suno to me and baba. The not so great part of the Terrible Twos is that he is getting very violent with each day. He has started biting an hitting and pulling hair of his daycare buddies and he would say No to everything. Im seriously getting worried about him and his behavior and don’t know how to control it. Is it because he is getting so less time at home because of our office schedule? Plus he has started his stubbornness at being in his crib all night. He goes to bed there but after 3 hours he gets up and wants to be in bed and would cry cry and cry till we let him. Will he get through this time? Is it just a phase? My worst method of trying to control him is hitting or biting him to show that it hurts but that is making him ht and bite more. I feel so guilty doing that and keep on thinking that I’ not a good enough mother that I do such things to control my baby. Plus the fact that E does not want anyone else in the middle of the night other then his baba is making me more bad that he doesn’t love me iv just been very upset these days. The house is bought and is in my name  and work would start end Dec Inshallah. That’s about it for now