Whining continues…

21 12 2010

I’m tired, I’m running low on patience, I’m sick and I’m missing my folks L

We had a 4 day long weekend at work and I though it would be great. This is how my lOOONG weekend went;


Day 1: We were generally resting the day. Got up a little late and spent the day lazing around.

Day 2: The maid did NOT show up and I had LOADS of dishes and the house was a mess! I washed the dishes and the house, made lunch with trying to manage my dangerous toddler, trying to clean up the store, running crazy. Hubby had gone out for work.

Day 3: Hubby had a cricket match with his buddies and he injured his pinky finger of the right hand. Upon X-Ray, we found it was a fracture and needed plaster for 4 weeks (later we found that the ring finger was also majorly injured and required care for 6 weeks!!)

Day 4: Hubby in pain and not willing to take the pain killing shot, terrified like a baby! E throwing tantrums that Baba cannot pick him up!

We somehow survived the weekend. First day of the work week started with me contacting food poisoning and having severe diarrhea. It’s better today though. Hubby has been instructed to reach office early which means getting E ready before he’s had his sleep resulting in a cranky toddler. Moreover, since hubby cant dress him up now, I’ve been granted the honor and if you know my fidgety toddler then you will know what I mean. It’s back breaking!

On the house construction bit, we are running out of patience. The authorities here are so corrupt! They are completely ruining out budget and I’m so frustrated with the pace that things are going. It makes me cry that we are doing such an evil thing but giving them extra money for getting the work done. Every single person there is corrupt from top to bottom and this is driving us insane! All this is causing useless fights between the 2 of us!

So that’s how I’ve been, how have you all been? :p




4 responses

21 12 2010

ouch … that was a longgggg weekend 😦 Hope coming days are easier 🙂

UUff I so hate it when builders et al. use your hard-earned moneys badly .. i hope things get sorted out for you just fine 🙂 where are u based btw?

22 12 2010

ahh tell me abt it!btw im in the capital of pk.

22 12 2010

ahhh my lovely city ❤

28 12 2010

That sounds BAD. Sorry to hear about your week. Hope things get better soon for both of you.

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