Monotony, good or bad!

22 12 2010

There comes a time in a woman’s life when things are so unpredictable that all she wants is consistency in life. This more often then not happens when she is elevated to the status of a Mother. The newborn and the life after that is so entirely unpredictable that she strives her hardest to find some semblance in her life and routines. Sleeping on time and in a routine is what she yearns for which she barely gets, walking around like a zombie.

With time comes some sense in the routines and it finally starts settling in. Finally, when things start to fall in a routine, she gets tired of the monotony in life. This are finally in place and we know when to sleep, get up, get ready for work, get the kid ready, run to work, get back cook, feed, change, run to center, come back, eat, feed, change and then off to sleep. This just does not satisfy the thankless woman and all she wants is a “refreshing” change in life.

This is exactly what I’ve been feeling these days. I try my hardest to put E to sleep early and in the process I fall asleep myself but still the kid is not getting his required sleep. All this while, hubby and I barely get time with each other. We talk the most on the cell when we’re at work. It’s like we’re not married and living together anymore. I feel like we are living separately. I’ve been very sad and very depressed since a while now.




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