Here comes the bear, stomping stomping!

31 12 2010

Lol! The topic has no correlation to my post.
The MIL is back for good now so my days of roaming around like a jungle queen are over. It rained yesterday and throughout I was feeling sad. Maybe, because of the depressing weather and maybe, because of the MIL returning. It’s really not that big a problem but when you’re sad, you generally make a big mess out of a small one.
I am however glad that E will get to spend half his day at home because he had recently starting showing his emotions on not getting enough attention. I get it. For 1.5 years he had been home with MIL getting all her attention and then bang for the next 6 months he is with his daycare teacher for 9-5! That was a huge change for him and Mashallah, he handled it very well but recently as I understand, all he wanted was to spend his time with us. If he was unable to get positive attention then he wanted the negative one. So I’m glad that he would get his granny’s whole and sole attention for half the day.
As for me, I’ll miss picking him up after work as I loved that part of the day when he’d leave everything and run to be and give me a huge HUG!
E is about to turn 2 in a few days, and I just don’t believe that time has flown away like a bird! A special E post coming up in a few days and hopefully this time, I’ll post it in time! 😀




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