Happy birthday my E!

6 01 2011

Dear E!

Happy Birthday E! You’re 24 months today! You’re 2 today!

I don’t believe time has flown away so fast. 2 years ago today, you came out crying and shouting at 8:00 a.m. ripping me apart from down there (Sorry readers). From that day, my life has never been the same again!

From sleepless nights to endless days, from crawling to walking to running, from Baba and Mama to full conversations in God knows what language, from watching babyTV to full set of Barney & Telly Tubby CDs, from singing Twinkle Twinkle to humpty Dumpty to Row your boat, from rocking you all night to singing to you and just being there, you have become a full fledged personality.

You have your likes and Dislikes and are capable of throwing a full fledged Tantrum when needed. Your emotions have also taken on a new dimension. You would hit someone and try to get that person to look or at least pretend to be hurt and then go up to kiss them and say Sorry! Your love for your Baba has multiplied 10 times and we call you Baba’s Boy (Yes the mama is jealous) ! You readily give hugs and kisses and very rarely say “Nahi” to it. For everything else, there’s your patent “Nahinnnnnnnnnnnnnn”.

You test my temper like no one can and you make me give a salute to all the mother to boys( or to hyperactive girls). One day I think I have you figured out and the next day you go and do something so outrageous that I feel like I need a lifetime to understand you and your working.

The best time of the day we share is when I put you to sleep when you try your hardest to convince me to put you in our bed by patting the pillow beside you and saying “sleep” “sleep” but I digress. As soon as I take out the balm, you put your feet in front of my face so I can put it on them, you get highly irritated when I try to put it on you nose but I’m you Mama and I’ve learnt the art to playfully put it on.

Mashallah, when it comes to eating, you are a joy! You love CHICKUN & Cheeeeesss & Potato and when you’re really hungry you go “Khana Khana Food Food”. Thankfully, you have given a little respite to your neurotically challenged mom by eating Roti and Rice and nothing satisfies a mother more then when you have cleaned your plate. Mashallah Mashallah! I can barely even count on my fingers how many words you say, thanks to your school.

Love you Sweets, I don’t know what I’d do without you!

Kisses & Hugs,


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4 01 2011

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