Not feeling well

1 03 2011

I realize I’ve been very, very, VERY irregular in my posting. Thanks a lot to y’all for your good wishes. I’m due Mid October and that’s a LONG time to go and I hate this initial phase of nausea. It seems like the end of the world because nothing like this happened at E’s time! Plus the in laws were in USA at that time and I didn’t feel too tired even then. God’s getting back to me this time around. Plus to add to the fact, I have a terrible Flu and can’t even take medications. Even E has a bad cough and the winter just does not want to go  I hate winters!
Anyways, since coming back from my hometown, E had been behaving well, even at daycare. All that time spent with me did him good. He had started listening to me and stopped when told not to. I also realized that he was feeling very neglected with going to full day daycare and us not being able to give him quality time at home and resorting to shouting and hitting to discipline him. I’m ashamed of myself.
Since coming back, he gets less of our time and has started his antics again. We finally changed his daycare timings to half day since the MIL is home now so he gets the best of both worlds. I hope that affects the behavior now.
Other then that, I keep on reinforcing to E that there is a baby in Mama’s tummy so be careful but he seems to be getting more and more aggressive with his behavior and hits back on the tummy. I need to cut him some slack, he just turned 2!
Also I tried to bring him on a Sippy cup while I was at my parents’(Yea he STILL takes a bottle) and was only 5 % successful but then he started taking less and less milk so I got rid of the idea. I guess its not the end of the world if he takes milk in his feeder! I just need to make sure that he takes his meals and enough milk in the day. I don’t need to add any more stress to my life.
On the work front, I’m thinking a lot on what I want to do after baby 2 comes. The MIL jokingly said that I should stay home after baby 2. This was the day I just got back and I was in a very sad mood. I really do feel that the MIL’s age and her hand condition (her left palm has only 1 finger which put all the pressure on the other hand and now the shoulder blades are experiencing a lot of pain) does not allow her to take care of 2 kids. Personally, I think that maybe she was jokingly suggesting what she wants. It’s a whole new ball game after 2 kids. Plus the in laws would be going again to the USA when the baby is Inshallah 1 year so don’t want to go through that ordeal of sending 2 kids to daycare. Thinking a lot around these lines and then I think that its so far away that I’d better leave all this thinking to later.




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1 03 2011

Hope you feel better soon. And yeah take your time, think things through before you make up your mind about what to do 🙂

Congratulations 🙂

1 03 2011

So many many thoughts!! Slow down a bit, and mind will clear after the nausea stops, maybe atleast till the postponse big decisions!! Imagine in few months will have another beautiful smiling face around you!!

1 03 2011

Awww hope you feel better,WM!I had terrible terrible nausea and was throwing up all the way uptil 17 weeks.. now its reduced(touchwood)..but still nausea hits when I least expect..hang in there:) try sipping home made lemonade,with a little salt and sugar.. that helps..I hope. And crackers,they say.. though it didnt help me..What helped me was dried amla, saunf.. hugs.

8 03 2011

I cant see your blog Trish… 😦

3 03 2011

Thankyou Gals! Really appreciate the concern and tips! Hugs 🙂

4 03 2011

Came to your blog today, your posts are so honest and enjoyed reading them. I am going to subscribe. I have a 20months old daughter. Life is very stressful with kids around and we can’t live without them. I am so glad that you have planned for a second one. The thought of second one is making me scared. Good luck and take care..

7 03 2011

Found you while bloghopping. Hang in there, once the nausea subsides things will get easier. I know so many bloggers who are due this year. I am due in 4 weeks and I am now finally at a point where I want the baby out NOW!

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