Nausea accompanied with negativity

3 03 2011

Where does it say on Baby sites that morning sickness will be accompanied by negativity and pessimism? I seem to be overreacting on EVERYTHING! I seem to be ticked off at everything and everyone! I’m so selfish and sick of myself. Everything the MIL does or says seems to tick me off. Even such a small thing like her telling us that we have reduced E’s milk intake and he might have calcium deficiency got me off the mark. I managed to have a normal convo about it but then seemed to blast off at hubby for wanting to watch the MATCH! And the poor guy didn’t even know the background to it.
The truth is that I shamefully have to admit that I don’t like having her run the house. Since she has been back, she just doesn’t seem the same. Staying with her daughters has that effect on her? I’ve been having minimal talks and time with her due to the reason that I don’t feel like it. Plus to add to the fact that I miss my home like anything and hubby says this time and again that since I AM back from my hometown, I seemed to be getting edgy at everything.
Everything seems to magnify itself with the thought that after a few months I’ll have to be home ALL THE TIME and its driving me insane just thinking about it. Damn, I’m being so ungrateful. I’m conveniently forgetting the fact that she literally took care of E alone for his initial 1.5 years.
My outlook to life and things have changed.




One response

10 03 2011

Aww dear!!
Nothing you say comes as a surprise! Have gone through the same rut meself 😀
I wasn’t blogging then, else I would have put down the same issues that you have !
I guess the initial months are the worst. Just drink loads of water when you feel like fuming. It helps to cool down . And also lets you exit the scene to pee 😀
Good luck 🙂

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