On teaching E not to pick a fight!

10 03 2011

Narrated to me by Hubby:

Hubby and E are up in the room getting E getting for sleepy time. Hubby, in all his wisdom is doing nothing to fasten the process of getting E changed in his PJs rather is doing everything to get his son HYPER! Hubby playfully smacks (a light one that is) E on his tummy and guess what E’s reaction is?

His eyes take on a surprised and mean glint and he goes “Oye, Maarraaaa? ” (Hey, Hitting?) in the typical goonda kind of a tone who’s about to pick up a fight!

*** Whinymom Bangs her head and think what am I teaching my kid!***




3 responses

10 03 2011

E’s reaction is the same as my daughter’s!!
Only, she’s more rougher and meaner (“Ayee, kai-ko maara, haan??” is her line 😐 )

10 03 2011

Lol, and I thought it was a BOY thing!

10 03 2011

My daughter observes us so closely without our notice and she learnt few things which we don’t want or never thought she would pick up. They are like sponge, grasp everything to their little brains.

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