My kid is a BOY!

11 03 2011

My boy is turning out to be BOY after all… We have recently started letting him watch movies with us on weekends when he does not have daycare the other day. I know many people don’t appreciate it, but my point is that if he lies there with us watching the movie and falls asleep in between where we pick him and put it in his cot. I prefer this as opposed to trying to put him to sleep before starting the movie and in the process get too sleepy and not watching the movie at all. Suits me!
Anyways, so last weekend we watched the movie houseful (actually hubby and I had watched that movie but we wanted to have some senseless laughs once more as we both LUUUUURVE akshay) and what do you know, E was ogling at the half naked ladies in there silly songs and the next morning he started fresh with “Im-a-Joaaaaaking”, complete with the shrug!! Such a rattoo Totta he is!




3 responses

11 03 2011

It reminds me Boys are always Boys 🙂

1 04 2011

Seriously! Guys pick up such things much faster!
BTW, me likes Akki too, but his recent movies have been the total dump!
have you seen TMK??
No? then don’t!!

1 04 2011

Iv bought the DVD but hadnt the energy to watch it… though i think i should just watch the song for E’s sake 😀

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