Work woes…

22 04 2011

Work has been boring with a capital B!

In fact I have absolutely NO work since more then a month now. Correction, I have no work since AFTER I have returned from my trip to my folks’.

Let me just briefly describe what I used to do and what I’m doing now. I’m a software engineering and primarily entered for development. Somewhere along the road, my job molded to include a little bit of management with a small team under me. This team works under me only in the Organizational Chart and it’s another long story about my Boss’s management style so we’ll leave it at it.

We had a spell of massive downsizing in our company and most of us survivors had to work at getting new business. So my boss involved me in business development and promotional activities and we were able to acquire some new business. I have to say I loved the pace at which the business development and promotional activities proceeded and I was shifted completely at it.

Now the situation is such that business development is no more our company’s main focus as we are surviving and my boss is deputed on another HUGE project of which we are a very small part. He is also going to be out of city for 2-3 out of 5 days of a week.

Where does that leave me?

I’m just left with a few odd jobs as my initial work has already gone to another developer under me and he’s pretty good at it and there’s no more work with business development either since the boss has his hands full with the HUGE project for the new 15 months.

And the fact that I’m not even trying to make an effort is perhaps a proof that maybe I don’t WANT to take up any more responsibilities at work. My days at work are spent on gmail, fb or reading blogs and waiting for the day to get over. I check out designs for rooms in my new house. The only thing I love about my work day is getting up at a certain time, getting E and his food ready and being out of the house at a particular time.

Have I lost interest in work or am I almost prepared to give it all up?


Protected: Bad mommy moment

19 04 2011

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A weekend well spent

18 04 2011

So as the title suggest, we’re back with a back Alhamdulillah, and all doing well!

E’s temperature is all good and my cough is also almost gone. Hubby and MIL are also doing well although the MIL still cringes with pain if she lifts anything slightly heavy. There goes my plan to continue working  lol… I won’t worry about it now.

Oh hey, we took E to the zoo for the first time in his 2+ years! Bad parenting! God, he was in awe and loved it so much his eyes grow huge every time we mention zoo. He even fed the ducks there (I know that’s wrong) and he went ecstatic when the ducks ate his CHIPS that he was clapping crazy. And we saw how little it takes for these kids to get so happy. Now we’ve decided that if not more then we will definitely take him to the zoo or the park once a month, Inshallah.

Just out of curiosity I’d like to know, how often do you have ultrasounds in your pregnancy? In my first pregnancy with my first doctor, she used to perform one at every visit (not a high risk pregnancy or anything like that) till 7 months when I switched my doctor and after that I had only 1 as I was having Braxton hicks. They did however do the Doppler after the 7th month at every visit. She’s the doctor who delivered E through vaccum and I was satisfied with the overall experience. My switch was due to the fact that the second doctor was in the private hospital that I wanted to deliver my baby in as my first was a private clinic not used for deliveries.

For my second pregnancy, I opted to go to the hospital doctor right from the beginning. I was there at 8-9 weeks when she told me to get an ultrasound to check for the heartbeat (which I had to get from outside since the hospital had a 3 hour long waiting). I went again at 13 weeks and she just started me on iron and calcium tablets after my cough is finished and told me to come back in 6 weeks with a fresh ultrasound. I don’t feel anything wrong with Me, Mashallah and thankfully the nausea has subsided as well as the rest of the tests are out normal (except for that one catch with rubella which has cleared now). Is it because I’ve already been through a normal pregnancy and am not above 30 either? So maybe so many ultrasounds are not required at the moment? Also they’re not doing the Doppler on me either, is it too early for the Doppler to detect the heartbeat? Should I be concerned or just relax since I don’t feel anything wrong with the baby?

What was your experience?

The whining continues…

15 04 2011

If you thought I have whined enough in the last post then worry not though it’s not just in my head.
Wednesday after daycare, E reached home and was slightly hot to feel. MIL gave him his bottle of milk and let him rest. When he got up, she checked his temperature and it was above 101 so gave him the fever medicine. After reaching home, I started playing with him and his temp went down but try as I might I couldn’t get much dinner into him. I left it at it and we went to bed to sleep. After about an hour or so hubby came to sleep and he woke me up to check E’s temp as he felt very hot. I checked the temp and it was going above 103 and he started jerking his head which was really scary. We gave him the fever medicine but he kept on burning. The MIL got cold milk to put on his head, feet and hands and when that didn’t do much for his temp, he out cold water cloth on his forehead. The fever eventually subsided and after a lot of cajoling, we all went to sleep with the fever staying down (Shukar Alhamdulillah).

After consulting the doctor, he said it’s the climatic changes and just try to keep him indoors and give him fluids and milk to build his immunity. The day went by fine and after his nap, he was hot again but got better after his dose of fever medicine. We were thankfully able to get in him some food as well and he was playing around fine.

For his sleep problem, we have removed his crib from our room since he LOATHES it and attached a single bed (charpoi) to the foot of our bed. He went to sleep in it fine but had to be rudely woken up at midnight since his fever spiked up again and had to be given his dose of medicine. He didn’t go back to sleep in his bed again. Unlike the last night, we didn’t have to do much to get his fever down this time and it went down itself and stayed down for the rest of the night. I’m back at work today but E is home with MIL. He is still refusing to take any breakfast and only taking his milk but thankfully his temp is down and he is in good spirits.

Hope the weekend proves restful for all of us, Inshallah!

the weekend saga 1

13 04 2011

Hello All! How have you all been doing? Lots of updates at my end! Let’s get started at once…

I’ve been sick, like sick as a DOG! Came down with a BAD flu and started fever immediately accompanied by cough. Skipped work on Friday and the head kept on spinning throughout. Was under the impression that cannot take any medication in pregnancy so kept on popping panadols and taking steam. Saturday was my gynae appointment so went there and the doctor reprimanded me for not coming in earlier. She prescribed a few light medicines and I’m recovering now Alhamdulillah.

My MIL had also not been feeling too well. She’s been having pain in her right shoulder for quite some time now so she also had an appointment on the same day with me. The doctor prescribed medicines and an injection in the shoulder itself (Shudder, very scary to look at) Very conveniently; the hubby was unavailable to take us there (another story). So that left me to run around the hospital with a toddler who refused to leave my side and sit. It’s a wonder he didn’t get lost Alhamdulillah. Anyways after loads of rounds for receipts and tests and God know what, we got free from the doctor. Guess who came as soon as we were done with all the running, the hubby dear of course (gritting my teeth).

MIL had to get another scan for her bones so we went the next day and got it done. Bad news for the bones, very bad ostreoposis condition. Let’s hope the medicines do their job. One good thing came out of it is that due to all this pain she’s having, I finally learnt how to make rotis!! A very big achievement for me who had vowed never to make rotis as they come out shaped as planets. I don’t make them too big in size but they are improving in shape with time. Thank God! Next stop, Chicken Biryani without looking in the recipe diary 😉

On E’s front, E won the battle of sleeping with us due to I not feeling well and the hubby being lenient him. I regret it as I know it will cause problems for all of us when I try to get him to sleep in his room. I was so tired and sick that I didn’t know any better and let him in the bed from the start of the night. He’s getting a little comfortable but nevertheless low quality sleep for all of us. Well, if we wanted good sleep, we shouldn’t have had kids: p. I am giving this idea a thought that I should move hubby and E to another room but then summers are almost on our heads and there is no AC in that room plus no UPS connection and there’s so much of load shedding at night. Plus we’ll be moving in the new house before the baby Inshallah so might as well make the changes after the move?

Another thing troubling me is that E has started skipping his lunch. I won’t say we’ve never had this problem but never for so long. It’s been more then a week that he brings back his lunch box from the daycare; either hardly touched or just barely had 2 bites. He comes back to the MIL in the afternoon, takes a full bottle of milk and sleeps. After he gets up; take his milky tea with biscuits and we are off to the community center and upon our return home, he takes his dinner followed by milk and goes to sleep. It worries me to no end that he’s not his usual self with not eating as much as he used to enjoy his food. Is it because he’s getting his molars (half of it is still in the gums) or because his sleep is getting affected or because he has flu and cough (getting better now) or maybe there’s some other reason that I don’t know of. Is it because he does not like his food? He used to love nuggets and now he won’t take in a bite of it. He does also not like his rice and salan which he previously loved! Moms, Ideas and advice please.

Cribbing! (pun intended!!!)

6 04 2011

E has half his molar out and it about time the rest is out too. Last night was again TERRIBLE.

I’m thinking something else now too. Every night I put E to sleep in his crib in our room. He’s protesting more these days but normally that’s how we’ve been doing it since the last 7-8 months. He goes to sleep there for a few hours. After about 2 hours or so, he comes out of his deep sleep and wakes up crying, the hubby and I try to hush him to go back to sleep. Very rarely does he go back to sleep in the crib and most of the time out of sheer exhaustion we bring him in bed after only 2-2.5 hours of putting him to sleep. So basically for us, he’s with us the whole night. My point is that what’s the use of my trying so hard to put him in his crib, enabling him to go to sleep by himself when after only 2 hours he will eventually end up in bed with u? Why don’t I just save myself the hassle and let him sleep with us from the beginning of his night.

Am I thinking wrong?

Will he sleep better after that?

Does he not like the crib anymore? (The crib’s been there since he was born)

Am I inviting more trouble in the longer run with the baby and him?

How will I be able to transition him to his bed then in another room when the baby comes? (Initially with his father)

Lack of sleep brings such negative in us mothers doesn’t it?


5 04 2011

Runny nose, Loose stools, slightly feverish, fingers inside the mouth, loss of appetite & LOSS OF SLEEP!!! Most mothers might recognize it, and I’ve finally zeroed in on what is wrong with my boy. He’s getting his molars and is driving me crazy!

OK I’m overacting. He’s in much more pain then I can imagine. So we’re giving him pain medications and he’s better at night Mashallah. I so hope they come in quickly so that his stomach and appetite improve. Poor kid!

On other news, I have the backache from hell return with a vengeance. This time it’s just not restricted to the tailbone but has travelled to my right hip and it’s literally a pain in the a** to sit or stand. Am going to my gynecologist this weekend so will inform her about this and see what she says.