Hey blog,

4 04 2011

And hello my 2 readers!
Yea I know it’s been long, VERY long. I’m forgetting how to blog now so I’ll just write a bullet point update. Here goes;
1. E has a pulled elbow yet again, though like last time the pain didn’t vanish altogether on the doctor’s visit. Rather he has been careful not to use his left hand. It’s better now, he is using both the lands but constantly complains of pain in his arms and wrist and fingers. We had the x-ray done, much to my abhorrence and Alhamdulillah it was clear. Yet he is fidgety the whole night with the hands in pain.
2. The night sleeps have gone haywire, we’re not sure if it’s the pain, the stomachache, the sleep timings or general bad sleep habits which has caused his quality of sleep to gone shoddy. It doesn’t help that he is bought in bed by the hubby from his crib and E insists on holding my ears (hate it!) and kicking my pregnant belly in his sleep when he’s with us in bed.
3. E insists on Mamma doing everything for him. As much as I like this fact, it’s getting very, very difficult to keep up with him and his works. Though it’s the most beautiful and adorable stage in his life when he is able to express his adoration for us. I love his Hugggggssss… Mashallah
4. The home construction is going strong Mashallah and we’re running short of finances but God help us, Inshallah, we will manage. It’s strange how the reality of a few black hearted people come in front when you’re achieving something so big in life. They just can’t see you happy and achieving something in life which they so far have not been able to, mind you, not because they can’t afford, but because they don’t have the WILL.
5. Thinking a lot on the SAHM and WOHM decision but that’s another post.
6. Please blogger moms help me find tricks on keeping my son asleep. Is it just a phase?




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4 04 2011

Just a phase which will pass by soon.
Just make sure you :-
1) let him tire himself out through the day,
2) let him take the initiative to go to sleep,
3) give him a cup of warm milk 2 hours after the dinner,
4) go on a long story trip with no plot or reasoning. Just trying to make of it will tire him out 😀
I’ve tried the above and they work fine for me 🙂
InshaAllah, they’ll work for you too.
God Bless!

4 04 2011

Thanks a lot Noor,
1. I let him tire himself with the daycare half day and then community center in the evening.
2. Unfortunately, I can wait for his initiative to sleep since he seems to get cranky if we put him to sleep late and then he has to get up early for Daycare school.
3. Story telling, Ughhh Im sooooooo bad at it and plus the only thing he is interested in listening to is his nursery rythmes CD.
4. Cup of Milk, Bottle of milk yea!
Will trying taking all these tips home with a vengeance!

4 04 2011

My daughter used to be a very good sleeper till 1yr, now a days she wakes up so many times, I hope this is a phase too..

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