5 04 2011

Runny nose, Loose stools, slightly feverish, fingers inside the mouth, loss of appetite & LOSS OF SLEEP!!! Most mothers might recognize it, and I’ve finally zeroed in on what is wrong with my boy. He’s getting his molars and is driving me crazy!

OK I’m overacting. He’s in much more pain then I can imagine. So we’re giving him pain medications and he’s better at night Mashallah. I so hope they come in quickly so that his stomach and appetite improve. Poor kid!

On other news, I have the backache from hell return with a vengeance. This time it’s just not restricted to the tailbone but has travelled to my right hip and it’s literally a pain in the a** to sit or stand. Am going to my gynecologist this weekend so will inform her about this and see what she says.




3 responses

5 04 2011

I hope you both feel better soon..Take care..

6 04 2011

Came over from noor’s. Found your name quite intriguing.. actually quite honest.. which new mom is not a WhinyMom 🙂 And now I find you have more than enough reason to whine. I’ll only pass on one piece of wisdom handed down from a senior mom.. ‘It only gets better’. So hang in there.

6 04 2011

Welcome OM & Im surviving on the hope that it only gets better 😀

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