Cribbing! (pun intended!!!)

6 04 2011

E has half his molar out and it about time the rest is out too. Last night was again TERRIBLE.

I’m thinking something else now too. Every night I put E to sleep in his crib in our room. He’s protesting more these days but normally that’s how we’ve been doing it since the last 7-8 months. He goes to sleep there for a few hours. After about 2 hours or so, he comes out of his deep sleep and wakes up crying, the hubby and I try to hush him to go back to sleep. Very rarely does he go back to sleep in the crib and most of the time out of sheer exhaustion we bring him in bed after only 2-2.5 hours of putting him to sleep. So basically for us, he’s with us the whole night. My point is that what’s the use of my trying so hard to put him in his crib, enabling him to go to sleep by himself when after only 2 hours he will eventually end up in bed with u? Why don’t I just save myself the hassle and let him sleep with us from the beginning of his night.

Am I thinking wrong?

Will he sleep better after that?

Does he not like the crib anymore? (The crib’s been there since he was born)

Am I inviting more trouble in the longer run with the baby and him?

How will I be able to transition him to his bed then in another room when the baby comes? (Initially with his father)

Lack of sleep brings such negative in us mothers doesn’t it?




3 responses

6 04 2011

Its tough to comment on the sleep patter for kids, T slept nicely in the crib first 8months and we all were happy, later she started sleeping with us and we were able to sleep better, now she is permanently sleeps with us and we are ok with it. We all sleep better when she is in our bed. Do some trial see how it goes, But with the new baby coming may be you should try keeping E away from your bed..

28 04 2011

It is different for everyone and I beleive you need to do what is best for you. Since we both work, i decided form the beginning that we will do what gives each of us the maximum sleep. So my son was slepeing with us. then when he turned 2, we moved him to his room, with a big mattress on the floor, and just I sleep with him. Hubby sleeps seperate. But these days he does not look for me, he sleeps all night in the bed. So slowly I am going to move back in with hubby. So do it slowly and let is take its time. he is still a baby afterall

29 04 2011

yes i know il have to take it very slowly… but the fact that he’ll soon be having a sibling and we’re moving to a new place AND he would be going to the big school this year……. all these things are over whelming me to not push him for any more changes… he’s after all a baby:)

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