the weekend saga 1

13 04 2011

Hello All! How have you all been doing? Lots of updates at my end! Let’s get started at once…

I’ve been sick, like sick as a DOG! Came down with a BAD flu and started fever immediately accompanied by cough. Skipped work on Friday and the head kept on spinning throughout. Was under the impression that cannot take any medication in pregnancy so kept on popping panadols and taking steam. Saturday was my gynae appointment so went there and the doctor reprimanded me for not coming in earlier. She prescribed a few light medicines and I’m recovering now Alhamdulillah.

My MIL had also not been feeling too well. She’s been having pain in her right shoulder for quite some time now so she also had an appointment on the same day with me. The doctor prescribed medicines and an injection in the shoulder itself (Shudder, very scary to look at) Very conveniently; the hubby was unavailable to take us there (another story). So that left me to run around the hospital with a toddler who refused to leave my side and sit. It’s a wonder he didn’t get lost Alhamdulillah. Anyways after loads of rounds for receipts and tests and God know what, we got free from the doctor. Guess who came as soon as we were done with all the running, the hubby dear of course (gritting my teeth).

MIL had to get another scan for her bones so we went the next day and got it done. Bad news for the bones, very bad ostreoposis condition. Let’s hope the medicines do their job. One good thing came out of it is that due to all this pain she’s having, I finally learnt how to make rotis!! A very big achievement for me who had vowed never to make rotis as they come out shaped as planets. I don’t make them too big in size but they are improving in shape with time. Thank God! Next stop, Chicken Biryani without looking in the recipe diary 😉

On E’s front, E won the battle of sleeping with us due to I not feeling well and the hubby being lenient him. I regret it as I know it will cause problems for all of us when I try to get him to sleep in his room. I was so tired and sick that I didn’t know any better and let him in the bed from the start of the night. He’s getting a little comfortable but nevertheless low quality sleep for all of us. Well, if we wanted good sleep, we shouldn’t have had kids: p. I am giving this idea a thought that I should move hubby and E to another room but then summers are almost on our heads and there is no AC in that room plus no UPS connection and there’s so much of load shedding at night. Plus we’ll be moving in the new house before the baby Inshallah so might as well make the changes after the move?

Another thing troubling me is that E has started skipping his lunch. I won’t say we’ve never had this problem but never for so long. It’s been more then a week that he brings back his lunch box from the daycare; either hardly touched or just barely had 2 bites. He comes back to the MIL in the afternoon, takes a full bottle of milk and sleeps. After he gets up; take his milky tea with biscuits and we are off to the community center and upon our return home, he takes his dinner followed by milk and goes to sleep. It worries me to no end that he’s not his usual self with not eating as much as he used to enjoy his food. Is it because he’s getting his molars (half of it is still in the gums) or because his sleep is getting affected or because he has flu and cough (getting better now) or maybe there’s some other reason that I don’t know of. Is it because he does not like his food? He used to love nuggets and now he won’t take in a bite of it. He does also not like his rice and salan which he previously loved! Moms, Ideas and advice please.




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13 04 2011

What a load of worries. You just need some solo time to rest your head girl.
About the food, cant help much 😦
My kids are yet to go to school.
Don’t worry, keep a calm head and if you feel like it, do vent your frustration on your hubby. It helps big time 😀

15 04 2011

this SOLO time is what I just DONT get! 🙂

13 04 2011

I hope you all feel good real soon..I don’t know why he is skipping lunch, but as long as he is eating dinner, breakfast and he is consuming milk he should be good. I know we worry when they change their meal pattern. My daughter stopped eating solids between 9 to 11months, 2 months she didn’t have any solids, later after we started giving her food in high chair , she started feeding her. She still eats very less food, but we stopped forcing her. Something is better than nothing. I know few of my friend’s toddlers eating only dinner and drinking milk rest of the time, don’t worry , they know how much they have to eat.

13 04 2011

How you are feeling better now and so is your MIL and E. I am with Seena, if E is eating the rest of him meals well then I don’t think you should worry too much. Kids change their eating habits every now and then, based on what their needs are at that time. But they always make up for the amount they need to eat.

Wishing you luck with the sleep thing.

15 04 2011

Thanks Seena & Comfy, I have now made peace with the fact that as long as he feels he is full I should not force him…

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