The whining continues…

15 04 2011

If you thought I have whined enough in the last post then worry not though it’s not just in my head.
Wednesday after daycare, E reached home and was slightly hot to feel. MIL gave him his bottle of milk and let him rest. When he got up, she checked his temperature and it was above 101 so gave him the fever medicine. After reaching home, I started playing with him and his temp went down but try as I might I couldn’t get much dinner into him. I left it at it and we went to bed to sleep. After about an hour or so hubby came to sleep and he woke me up to check E’s temp as he felt very hot. I checked the temp and it was going above 103 and he started jerking his head which was really scary. We gave him the fever medicine but he kept on burning. The MIL got cold milk to put on his head, feet and hands and when that didn’t do much for his temp, he out cold water cloth on his forehead. The fever eventually subsided and after a lot of cajoling, we all went to sleep with the fever staying down (Shukar Alhamdulillah).

After consulting the doctor, he said it’s the climatic changes and just try to keep him indoors and give him fluids and milk to build his immunity. The day went by fine and after his nap, he was hot again but got better after his dose of fever medicine. We were thankfully able to get in him some food as well and he was playing around fine.

For his sleep problem, we have removed his crib from our room since he LOATHES it and attached a single bed (charpoi) to the foot of our bed. He went to sleep in it fine but had to be rudely woken up at midnight since his fever spiked up again and had to be given his dose of medicine. He didn’t go back to sleep in his bed again. Unlike the last night, we didn’t have to do much to get his fever down this time and it went down itself and stayed down for the rest of the night. I’m back at work today but E is home with MIL. He is still refusing to take any breakfast and only taking his milk but thankfully his temp is down and he is in good spirits.

Hope the weekend proves restful for all of us, Inshallah!




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15 04 2011

I hope E feel better and you can take some good rest over the weekend. Don’t worry abt food when they are ill, give him enough fluid to keep them going. Take care..Happy weekend..

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