A weekend well spent

18 04 2011

So as the title suggest, we’re back with a back Alhamdulillah, and all doing well!

E’s temperature is all good and my cough is also almost gone. Hubby and MIL are also doing well although the MIL still cringes with pain if she lifts anything slightly heavy. There goes my plan to continue working  lol… I won’t worry about it now.

Oh hey, we took E to the zoo for the first time in his 2+ years! Bad parenting! God, he was in awe and loved it so much his eyes grow huge every time we mention zoo. He even fed the ducks there (I know that’s wrong) and he went ecstatic when the ducks ate his CHIPS that he was clapping crazy. And we saw how little it takes for these kids to get so happy. Now we’ve decided that if not more then we will definitely take him to the zoo or the park once a month, Inshallah.

Just out of curiosity I’d like to know, how often do you have ultrasounds in your pregnancy? In my first pregnancy with my first doctor, she used to perform one at every visit (not a high risk pregnancy or anything like that) till 7 months when I switched my doctor and after that I had only 1 as I was having Braxton hicks. They did however do the Doppler after the 7th month at every visit. She’s the doctor who delivered E through vaccum and I was satisfied with the overall experience. My switch was due to the fact that the second doctor was in the private hospital that I wanted to deliver my baby in as my first was a private clinic not used for deliveries.

For my second pregnancy, I opted to go to the hospital doctor right from the beginning. I was there at 8-9 weeks when she told me to get an ultrasound to check for the heartbeat (which I had to get from outside since the hospital had a 3 hour long waiting). I went again at 13 weeks and she just started me on iron and calcium tablets after my cough is finished and told me to come back in 6 weeks with a fresh ultrasound. I don’t feel anything wrong with Me, Mashallah and thankfully the nausea has subsided as well as the rest of the tests are out normal (except for that one catch with rubella which has cleared now). Is it because I’ve already been through a normal pregnancy and am not above 30 either? So maybe so many ultrasounds are not required at the moment? Also they’re not doing the Doppler on me either, is it too early for the Doppler to detect the heartbeat? Should I be concerned or just relax since I don’t feel anything wrong with the baby?

What was your experience?




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18 04 2011
Little Fingers

I had three ultra sound one at 8 weeks to confirm then at 12weeks to see the growth and third and last one at 20weeks to see growth and gender. I read each pregnancy would be different, don’t worry if everything is going good.Just chill…

18 04 2011

in Pakistan they do lots of ultrasounds probably just for thei rown pocket-warming experience 🙂 In here (london. UK) they only do two ultrasounds in the whole pregnancy one at 12 weeks to see the growth and to get to know if its one fetus or multiple and at 20 weeks to monitor the growth, weight, check heart and all other vital organs as well as to monitor limbs etc. At 8 weeks, they book you into hospital and the first appointment with doctor you get at around 6.5 months … till 8 months you get onc in 4 weeks appointments that too usually by midwives and in last two months its bi-weekly (only for first pregnancy) and well in my experience and knowledge thats what you need really. In my midwife appointments they used to check babies heartbeat, urine for any infections, blood pressure and the fundal height; and occassional blood checks; they do take blood to check for sugar levels in 28 week 🙂 I only got to see doctor once in my whole pregnancy and that was 10 hrs before my daughter was born since the situation went a bit out of hand and my husband insisted on doctor instead of midwife.

All the best with your experience … with a kid on hand things are very much difficult and Im sure pregnancies from now on wont be the same .. heheh 🙂

21 04 2011

I was in and out of the Ultrasound clinic every 3 weeks 😀
Yep, we (the doctor and us) were paranoid abt the babies, specially because they were twins and secondly because I had a history of miscarriages!!
It all turned out well in the end, I guess (Alhamdulillah)
It will be great for you too.
Just try and take care (AND rest)
That goes without saying

22 04 2011

twin pregnancies yea they are high risk… i can understand…

taking care and resting is so not happening right now and i feel guilty for not spending as much time with bonding with the new one and hubby as im constantly trying to keep E out of trouble! with E its all about survival! 😀

28 04 2011

I had one at 8 weeks, and one at 20 weeks and then one at 37 weeks. Rest of the ime only the doppler. Keep faith and enjoy!

18 05 2011
Suburban Mumma

In my last pregnancy,in USA,I was seeing a private OB,so,I had one at 6 weeks,10 weeks,17 weeks,then at 20 weeks(because they couldn’t see everything at 17 weeks),and then 30 weeks,followed by once a week. the 30 week one was ordered because I have an elongated uterus and then,the subsequent ones were ordered because my fluid levels were low.
This time,in australia,I had one at 5week,8 week(because dates were not matching) 14 weeks,20 weeks..and now will have one at 32 weeks..because of the same elongated uterus.
But rest of the time,its just doppler..as long as u are fine..doppler readings are great.

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