Work woes…

22 04 2011

Work has been boring with a capital B!

In fact I have absolutely NO work since more then a month now. Correction, I have no work since AFTER I have returned from my trip to my folks’.

Let me just briefly describe what I used to do and what I’m doing now. I’m a software engineering and primarily entered for development. Somewhere along the road, my job molded to include a little bit of management with a small team under me. This team works under me only in the Organizational Chart and it’s another long story about my Boss’s management style so we’ll leave it at it.

We had a spell of massive downsizing in our company and most of us survivors had to work at getting new business. So my boss involved me in business development and promotional activities and we were able to acquire some new business. I have to say I loved the pace at which the business development and promotional activities proceeded and I was shifted completely at it.

Now the situation is such that business development is no more our company’s main focus as we are surviving and my boss is deputed on another HUGE project of which we are a very small part. He is also going to be out of city for 2-3 out of 5 days of a week.

Where does that leave me?

I’m just left with a few odd jobs as my initial work has already gone to another developer under me and he’s pretty good at it and there’s no more work with business development either since the boss has his hands full with the HUGE project for the new 15 months.

And the fact that I’m not even trying to make an effort is perhaps a proof that maybe I don’t WANT to take up any more responsibilities at work. My days at work are spent on gmail, fb or reading blogs and waiting for the day to get over. I check out designs for rooms in my new house. The only thing I love about my work day is getting up at a certain time, getting E and his food ready and being out of the house at a particular time.

Have I lost interest in work or am I almost prepared to give it all up?




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22 04 2011
Little Fingers

Is it because you are slowly preparing yourself to be away from work after the second baby comes? or is it coz ur boss doesn’t want to give you new responsibilities? I keep bugging my manager when ever I see my hands are not full at work. sometimes I do enjoy when it is not so busy, I can easily go to pick my sick daughter..

When I was around 7months pregnant, my manager came and told to go on leave early, I was planning to work as late as possible as my home was just 1mile away from work and I was enjoying the work and I am energetic in my third trimester. I was very upset, they say discrimination is not there, but I heard so many sad stories especially when female employee gets pregnant. But some how the project needed me for long and same manager came and requested me to work as long as possible..sometime its totally not in our hands..But you have to decide what you what to do…

25 04 2011

Yes I might be preparing myself. I dont think my boss is aware of it as yet.

The thing is, with E I was working till the last day, so its such a shocker for me why I’m not striving for it.

28 04 2011

It happnes, some days I want to quit it all and just stay at home. Hang in there and it will get better don’t worry. Did you mark you blog private in the middle? I could not acces it for a little bit!!

29 04 2011

Not the blog, only a single post…
yea lets see who wins, the heart or the mind!

6 05 2011

I sure hope your boss doesn’t read this post 😉
I’d always wanted to be the preggy lady who’s present at work till the last day.
It was rather ironic that I had to quit within the first trimester and stay home till the twins arrived 😦
I never got a chance to fulfill my wish (not that I want to anymore :D)
I’d say, enjoy this time for what it is.
OR, try hunting on the net for other process/business improvement techniques that could be applied to your workplace.
Send a couple of mails with the above info to the senior management and rest assured, you’ll get plenty of work 🙂

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