pure whine

9 05 2011

I have seriously started HATING facebook! I barely write to a bunch of few people and the rest are only there to prove to me what a boring life I have! Vacationing in exotic locations and all, I feel “did I jump in the mommy bandwagon too soon?”.
Yea, go on thinking im a bad mommy… if im a bad mommy so be it but i have my days of self doubt and this is one of those days.

The thing is that now even if the hubby does tell me (Pre pregnancy 2 that is) that lets leave E with grandparents and go, I cant convince myself to leave him… when will this guilt leave me?

Look on the positive side, what have we achieved since we got married?

We have managed to pay off the home loan
Payed off the Car lease for the small car
Popped Baby E!
Bought a brand new bigger car “Lease free”
Sold our existing house and bought a smaller plot in a very good area
Made Baby 2.
Currently the house is under construction and the move would inshallah coincide with baby 2!

Am being too unreasonable right? I have so many things to be grateful for but then there are DAYS such as these when nothing seems great.. I should just shut up and get on with life!




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10 05 2011

Aww honey it happens to everyone. Don’t worry! And the mommy guilt is never going to leave us, it hits some more than the others! Congrats on baby 2

10 05 2011
Little Fingers

You have achieved so much dear..But mommy guilty is there for ever. Even when my in laws were here, I never left Chucky with them and went out with R, even for a single day. I started finding happiness with all of us around than just being with R.

Don’t ever think that you are a bad mommy, we all are good when it comes to our kids

You have your dream home, car and the baby2 coming you have a whole family. Just relax and have fun 🙂

12 05 2011

Thanks alot you guys!!

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