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6 06 2011

As I previously mentioned the SIL is here with her kids and with E and the elder daughter of SIL fighting almost continuously, its getting pretty hard for us to actually function with the 2 of them home. It’s such a blessing that E leaves for daycare with us and comes home sleeping by 2:00 pm and wakes up in the evening. This leaves about 5-6 remaining hours for us to be taking care of both of them. The infant is so conveniently being ignored here with the 2 kids getting all the attention. It’s so great that she doesn’t understand all this sibling rivalry yet! I’m ashamed to admit that I have to resort to hitting again to condemn E’s behavior and I HATE IT! I promised myself that I wouldn’t spank him but I’ve tried scaring, scolding, shouting and giving him timeouts (He still does not understand it)! I spend all my time after work with E giving him the special attention but I don’t know what gets in him when he’s in the kids’ company. Terrible Twos mixed with Sibling Rivalry, A DEADLY COMBO I tell you! So to say that going back him is stressful is an understating!
Another thing I’ve noticed since SIL’s arrival is that Hubby seems to have taken a back seat in the sense that he’s gotten quiet when it should’ve been the other way around. I personally never had a GREAT relationship with my elder brother so it’s always a pleasant surprise when he does something out of the way for me. But Hubby and SIL have always been more attached and I feel sad looking at him like this.
Many contributing factors to all this is that MIL and SIL talk EVERY FREAKING DAY and God only knows what they talk about.
The fact that I or Hubby hasn’t called SIL in a week ticks off MIL and she becomes way to quiet to show us her displeasure till both of us have asked her “Haal Chaal”. Lady, don’t you see the mad rush we are in every single day! Anyways, not too much of an issue.
Another fact is that SIL has her different way of parenting and hubby has it different and when he protests on something SIL does with her kid seems to tick her off and she retorts back. Thankfully, MIL stays quiet. I’m trying to make him understand that nobody likes to be judged on their parenting style or their lifestyle so let her be.
There have been instances where hubby has commented to MIL about SIL (For her well being) which she has taken negatively and this has turned off hubby in being to friendly or being too open with them. Last night, MIL commented to me that hubby has not been in a good mood since morning and I went like acha? When I spoke to hubby about it, he said he has just becomes reserved about his comments and his observations…. I know I don’t like him being like this and MIL and SIL will both notice it for sure but I guess this is for her peaceful stay only.




3 responses

6 06 2011
Little Fingers

Oh these kids fighting it tough for we adults to interfere. I hope they come out of this stage real soon..

9 06 2011

Gosh relationships are so crazily complicated…. whether it is about kid siblings or the older ones. But you’re right about cautioning him against commenting too strongly. Talking of that.. here’s a tag you might enjoy doing….

9 06 2011

Thanks! Will take up you tag asap!

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