Time is flying

21 06 2011

There is something very disturbing in the way your 2.5 year old is SOMETIMES quiet and lost. Even more disturbing is the after math! Upon query of “Kya hua beta?” he replies “Kuch nahin”! Gosh I cant seem to hold onto time. My boy is growing up too soon.

The SIL and her kids are going in 4-5 days. The kids are still causing a riot but when SIL’s daughter is not home and E is alone, he is not only the SWEETEST and NICEST boy, but is also awfully quiet and clingy. I’m loving and hating his moods then… I’m an eternally ungrateful person!




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21 06 2011

🙂 I totally get the loving and hating. Try asking him if he is thinking of x situation or y thing. Sometimes, when my son is cranky I ask him if this bothering you or are you feeling this and sometimes he agrees with me. I am able to put into words what he is feeling…might work for you and your son as well:)

21 06 2011

Aww I can imagine what you must be feeling with E acting that way. Hugs to the little guy 🙂

25 06 2011
Afshan Shlobinopskipinto Khoja

Amazing stuff!:) Thanks for the comment!

27 06 2011


5 07 2011

Time sure does fly!! tehy grow way too quickly.

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