Time to get down to business

6 07 2011

Been doing a lot of reading and no writing so its time to get on with business. As usual, it’ll be a bullet point update since I’m thinking too many things at the same time.
• SIL left 2 weeks back. E was initially missing them but now he has settled with the answer that they have gone home.
• E’s getting ubber sweet by the day since he has started speaking complete sentences. He leaves us gaping and in awe
• I’m 25+ weeks pregnant and showing very obviously. Started off at 47kg and went to 49kg, came down at 47 kg and now finally at 52 kg in 6 months. Blood reports are again showing a slight dip in my HB and I need to double my iron supplements and I just cannot do it. The medicines are too heavy for me and if I increase that then my appetite goes down. I know my tendency to get anemic so I know for a fact that I’ll eventually get the iron shots so I might as well not put my body through the double doses.
• SIL’s quick departure left a bad taste in our mouth (mine and hubby’s) but who am I to object?
• Since the beginning, I have always cautioned hubby as to not mix professional and personal life with each other but he would not pay heed to it. We have another shop in the SIL’s city and her husband is employed there since a few months now. The owner of the shop is now complaining to hubby that your BIL is just too casual over there plus there’s no discipline. He has given a warning that if it’s not sorted out, he will want hubby to fire BIL. I know it was the “I told you so” moment for me but I’m worried about what will happen now.
• Still procrastinating about continuing to work after the baby or not.
• The new house will Inshallah be ready by the time the baby is ready 😉 Plan to move before the D Day! Hope everything goes well.
• No news on E’s admission so I’m a nervous wreck right now.
• Office conditions are still as bad as before. No work AT ALL and sitting idle is killing me. My immediate supervisor has gone to another city for work assignments so he’s basically here for 1 day out of 5 and spends the day boasting about the work he has done (NOT!). I have no responsibilities just odd jobs which cannot be billed. The only consolation is that I have this month of July to get through since August is Ramadan and it’s easier with half day and right after Eid I should be on my Maternity leave. Though I have no clue what I’ll do on my Maternity leave Prenatal since E would also be out for half the day and there’s not much to be done at home. Oh well, I’ll procrastinate again! 🙂
• My mommy is coming in October!!! Yipppee 😀




6 responses

6 07 2011
Chindi Chitranna

*hugs* you take care and don’t let the stress affect you…as much as possible at least 🙂

6 07 2011

Enjoy E and his sweet little talks 🙂
don’t stress out yourself with anything, take care..Good luck with everything

7 07 2011

wow you are with your second baby. congrats 🙂
And Yayyy mommy is coming. Enjoy the time ::)

8 07 2011
Little Finger

You crossed mid mark lady, Congrats!!E is so sweet , you must write little more about him for us. Don’t let other stuff both you, relax and have fun …

8 07 2011

Almost there and terribly stressed out. Thats what you are 😐
Lady, its the time to be glad that you don’t have your desk piled with work and don’t need to put in extra hours.
As for the ‘relative pressures’, try and let go for now (you can fight it out later 😀 ). This is not the time to bother about them.There are other people to look into these issues.
Enjoy your pregnancy and E. Be happy, stay happy 🙂
Sending love and hugs your way 🙂
(And prayers too. InshaAllah, you will have a safe delivery )

13 07 2011

Thank you all so much… Still stressed but you guys made my day! 🙂

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