a happy post after a long time

19 08 2011

My 100th post! Got to give you something to cheer up 🙂 Its been long since I wrote since I wanted the 100th post to be a positive one. Lets get on with it since it will be a bullet point one:
• I’m 32 weeks Pregnant. Time flies, its almost time for me to pack my bag 🙂 I’m just getting very nervous and scared even when I’ve been through it. I’ve gathered almost all the stuff I’ll need in the first few weeks for the baby. The aches and pains are getting harder to bear but just a few more weeks of this!
• E will be starting Big School right after Eid Inshallah and I really really love his school. I hope he loves it as much as I do. He’s excited to take his new lunch box and water bottle and I hope he does well with the mingling and calming down as well.
• Eid is coming and I’ve bought the cutest, most adorable Shalwar Kameez for E accompanied by matching sandals. Who says you can’t enjoy dressing up boys? :p
• Work front, we have a new boss and he’s keeping me occupied. Not stressful but enough to keep my mind busy. I will be starting my maternity leaves right after eid. This time, unlike E’s time, I’ve decided to take leaves according to the govt rules of prenatal and postnatal leaves as I don’t want to get fake documents, plus I want to spend the last weeks with E. I love the idea of being home to feed E lunch when he gets back from school. Fingers crossed, I hope things turn out as planned.
• My mom is coming in another month!
• Our new home is just about completed and we’re planning to shift just before the baby comes in. Inshallah
• One troubling thought is that E is not putting on weight or height since the last 2-3 months and I’m not sure what to do about it. He’s eating normal albeit slight less then what he used to but his naughtiness and activeness is increasing by folds. He still does fall in the normal category of height/weight for his age though but he’s not growing per say. Experienced moms, opinions please.




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22 08 2011
Little Fingers

Hey congrats on 100th. Waw you are almost there babe, 8 more weeks you have your little one in your arms 🙂 Its good to have work and good to know it not stressful. Mom is coming what more 🙂 New home waw this is great please put some pictures once it is ready. Don’t worry on weight they grow during growth spurts. During winter months Chucky gained no weight either..as long as you are giving him variety of foods and he eats little bit that is good enough. They know how much they want..

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