A naughty baby

13 09 2011

Gosh this baby is such a naughty one, just wont let us find out the gender. I’ve been trying since the 5th month to try and find out the gender but to no avail, every time the baby successfully hid between his/her legs!!! i went in again last night for my scan which might be the last one but had the umbilical cord between his/her legs and the doctor tried to find out from every angle but NO!

Looks like it’ll be a BIG Surprise!!! 🙂




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13 09 2011

Hey Whine and Shine
Glad to read you’re progressing well, on leave…a lot seems to be happening around you…home building, kid in new school. You are a BRAVE woman to be pregnant and having so much going around you that needs your attention. Pls take some time off and relax…you know how the routine will be once the little one is out there by your side.
Don’t worry abt your doc, even my Gynec went on leave reassuring me she’ll be “back in time”, but i panicked… but the day she came back to work, I was promptly at her doorstep at 11 am with pains 🙂 you will mentally hold on… because you want ur familiar doc.
sorry that i read all your previous posts an didnt comment at all
been meaning to, just to wish you ALL THE BEST
May the delivery be safe for you and baby and may you welcome him/her into the world with joy. You’ll be in my prayers 🙂

13 09 2011

when I read the title, I thought baby is here 😀

well enjoy these precious moments, get plenty of rest ( you know there won’t be any afterwards 😉 ).

Here’s wishing you a safe delivery and healthy baby. good luck

13 09 2011

exactly I thought baby’s here too 🙂 Hoping all goes fine and shiny till ur doc returns .. all the best for the pains :>

19 09 2011
Little Fingers

Yeah looks like a surprise..For some reason I feel its a she 🙂

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