im back!

30 11 2011

A turns 1.5 months and its been a tough journey with his mild colic. its truly tough handling 2 kids that somedays i dont even get loo breaks. just today A and E are both asleep and im getting to do this update.
the depression is thankfully better now as mil is taking care of A when i need to put E to sleep and feed him his food else I was getting depressed being in a room. for the time being Hubby sleeps with E and mil and i sleep with A but she’s the one taking care of A so i get my sleep. im truly blessed Alhamdulillah.
A’s been a little colicky since day 1 and after 8-9 pm he would keep on crying till midnight for no reason and it would unnverve us to no end. on top of that E’s jealousy has been increasing but its only natural.
Everytime i find myself crying and getting depressed, i tell myself A wont be an infant forever and this too shall pass. i will inshallah join work in another 2 months, and we’ll be shifting to our new place in another 2 weeks so it will trully be a new begining. thankyou all for your wishes.




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1 12 2011
Little Fingers

Good to hear from you dear, we missed you around, glad that your MIL is helping you. What you said is very true A will not be a baby for long and few more weeks he will be alright. Take care and write more when you get time. Good luck with the move and I am sure lot of happiness is coming on your way..

9 12 2011

Hey glad to see u back here
Don’t worry, after the babay’s mandatory three months, things WILL settle down in all respects. For the colic, I’m sure the baby’s PD has prescribed something, but ColicAid was what we relied on — it’s based on saunf (fennel) oil – u can chk on it with ur PD. At least provides temporary relief.
Really good to hear that MIL is there to pitch in. It makes a big difference. Pls take care. Get E to spend a lil more time with A. As he interacts directly with the child, watches his face, helps change a diaper, or holds up a rattle near him, the J should come down.
All the best. Keep the chin up and the smile on

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