back again… but no longer a working mother

13 02 2012

im back again… yea i know after a very very long time but this time i have a different identity.
i QUIT my job.
i dunno if i should be happy or sad about it but whats done is for the best currently.
iv been on maternity leave since 5 months (3.5 months after A was born), everyone said the colic would be gone by the time ur kid is 3 months but nopes… the kid drives me up the wall!! i shud have gotten pretty immune to his crying i aint! so i quit since the mil is unable to take care of a hysterically crying baby.. people say the first kid makes u a mother, but in my case, the second one did.
im just managing a little freelance work from home but nothing too much. boy is staying at home a tough job or what. iv been on the other side as well but this is tough, there’s just no break time at all. specially with a kid like A who constantly needs to be either held or rocked and seriously my back will one day give in and i’ll die!
ok so im exaggerating but its just too much work.. .oh well that’s why i’m a mother right?
god iv been away from the blogging world for so long, i so miss u guys!
just trying to find a time when both kids give me time.
about E, well he’s slowly adjusting to his role of being an elder brother. does get jealous quite often but managing. about A, well he’s all us 🙂 not sleeping through the night yet, not even drinking breast milk or formula as much as he should. just very very whiny all the TIME! may be its due to the fact that im accessible to him at all times.
you know when people hear iv left my job for A, they have the nerve to say that with the first you never paid any attention to the kid, only to your job! the nerve!! dammit! urggghh made me so angry…! whtever!
and when i went to give my resignation, the head dint even bother asking why im resigning… his body language was like good riddance. maybe i should nt be thinking all these things as it is depressing me.
tomorrow is the valentines day and im feeling what the hell is the fuss all about. i feel OLD ! im a mother of 2 boys and i feel like a 60 year old.. tell me this phase will pass soon and A’s colic will go away too… plus his not taking enough milk is also driving me crazy. hey did anyone of you started solids at like 4 months or so?
this is so random, il try to be regular and more composed. thanks for hearing me out.. love ya!




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14 02 2012

All the best in your new role as a full time mommy 🙂 I hear you when you say staying home is tough! Zo turns 4 months old today too!
Doc said nothing but milk for atleast another month, so keeping it that way for now! Oh,and I have to get back to work the day after tomorrow, so fingers crossed! 😐

16 02 2012

all the very best di… and i totally get when u say we’ve got some eerie similarities 😉

18 04 2012

OMG!I totally missed your blog posts..Congratulations on the safe arrival of Baby A.Lots of love to him..I hope the Colic is settled now:)

26 04 2012

So how are things now, Madame Whiny Mom?

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