Mothering a naughty and highly energized toddler and on way to becoming a “Do Bachon Ki Maa”, wife to a corporate cellular junkie who’s spent more years in the telecom industry than I’ve spent out of school! This blog is about my constant whining, in short my Life.

If you wanna know anything more about me : contact @

[whinymom] at [gmail] dot [com]


11 responses

11 03 2010

hi whiny mom! nice to meet you.
thanks for your comment on my blog!

11 03 2010

You’re most welcome Mona!

16 03 2010

Hi.. came by and thought to drop a line. Off to read your posts

16 03 2010

Welcome and i hope you enjoy! 🙂

19 03 2010

Oh I work in the telecom industry too 😀

8 04 2010

Hi Whinymom,

Came over here from Dee’s blog…..nice blog and a brilliant header image!! Look fwd to reading you more! 😀

8 04 2010

Thank you so much Deepa! Welcome and I hope you enjoy 🙂

6 05 2010

Hi whinymom 🙂
You have a nice space here.. off to digging your archives 🙂

24 06 2010

hey just read your archives…it does feel better to let it all out. Just a thing about the allergies since I am dealing with it also, do get him checked. It goes undiagnosed, Avy sleeps, eats, plays much better since we have elimintaed his triggers and hopefulyl can re introduce more later. email me if you have more questions that you don’t wnat to deal with here!

25 06 2010

Thanks a lot Avy! Keep coming!

9 08 2010

Finally added you to my blogroll, not sure why I did not for so long 🙂

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