Its a baby boy!

15 10 2011

Hey all, not getting much time now but just wanted to update you all that I gave birth to another baby boy on the 12th of October 2011 at 1:30 am. It was a short delivery but a very very painful one with loads of stitches. I will write the whole baby story asap.. send good vibes and wishes for a speedy recovery my way….


A weekend well spent

18 04 2011

So as the title suggest, we’re back with a back Alhamdulillah, and all doing well!

E’s temperature is all good and my cough is also almost gone. Hubby and MIL are also doing well although the MIL still cringes with pain if she lifts anything slightly heavy. There goes my plan to continue working  lol… I won’t worry about it now.

Oh hey, we took E to the zoo for the first time in his 2+ years! Bad parenting! God, he was in awe and loved it so much his eyes grow huge every time we mention zoo. He even fed the ducks there (I know that’s wrong) and he went ecstatic when the ducks ate his CHIPS that he was clapping crazy. And we saw how little it takes for these kids to get so happy. Now we’ve decided that if not more then we will definitely take him to the zoo or the park once a month, Inshallah.

Just out of curiosity I’d like to know, how often do you have ultrasounds in your pregnancy? In my first pregnancy with my first doctor, she used to perform one at every visit (not a high risk pregnancy or anything like that) till 7 months when I switched my doctor and after that I had only 1 as I was having Braxton hicks. They did however do the Doppler after the 7th month at every visit. She’s the doctor who delivered E through vaccum and I was satisfied with the overall experience. My switch was due to the fact that the second doctor was in the private hospital that I wanted to deliver my baby in as my first was a private clinic not used for deliveries.

For my second pregnancy, I opted to go to the hospital doctor right from the beginning. I was there at 8-9 weeks when she told me to get an ultrasound to check for the heartbeat (which I had to get from outside since the hospital had a 3 hour long waiting). I went again at 13 weeks and she just started me on iron and calcium tablets after my cough is finished and told me to come back in 6 weeks with a fresh ultrasound. I don’t feel anything wrong with Me, Mashallah and thankfully the nausea has subsided as well as the rest of the tests are out normal (except for that one catch with rubella which has cleared now). Is it because I’ve already been through a normal pregnancy and am not above 30 either? So maybe so many ultrasounds are not required at the moment? Also they’re not doing the Doppler on me either, is it too early for the Doppler to detect the heartbeat? Should I be concerned or just relax since I don’t feel anything wrong with the baby?

What was your experience?

Baby Story: FINAL Part

9 03 2010

My due date was Jan 12th – Jan 20th. On the 3rd of January, I had my scheduled appt and doc said you’re doing fine and that the nerve pinch in my back was going to go as soon as I deliver. I went home, walked and walked. We had bought new curtains for our room so put them up on the 4th Jan, because we knew the baby might be here any day now since I was in my 39th week. Contractions through out the weekend, but this weren’t something new to me as I had them since quite a few months now. I was so tired and in so much pain that I was really waiting for THE day to come ASAP. The night of 5th Jan, I had diarrhea and lost my mucus cord, which means the labor was not very far. Still, I wasn’t sure coz I had slightly painful contractions. Couldn’t’ sleep much and in the morning, I skipped work thinking I should rest now so hubby went ahead alone. The pains started getting a little more painful, still irregularly apart so I figured what the heck lets get it checked. We went to the doc and she said I’m 1 cm dilated so the labor could take anywhere from a day to 3 days depending on how fast I dilate. I was still not hit with the reality that this is IT. I’ll be a mom soon. I though it’s my first baby so it might be quite long. I was scared of THE PAIN and I so wanted a normal delivery without any medications. I prayed that God give me enough strength to endure it all, keep my baby safe and make it all work out fine. The ER people said since you had diarrhea the last night and can’t tolerate any food, we’ll give you a drip. So I got the drip and we went home with instructions to eat something as labor was imminent and I had to have energy to go through with it. Since my place is quite far from the hospital, I went at Hubby’s best friends’ place which is a 5 minute drive away. The pains were steadily getting strong and ending in my back and I had to grit my way through it. Spent the whole day walking in their house because that was the only way I could bear that pain. At approximately 11:30 pm, I told hubby we need to leave now because there was no way to find out how far I was. We reached the hospital and upon checking, they said I was 3 cm dilated and will be admitted. I got in the labor room, and they pinned me with some machine that voiced my baby’s heartbeat. I had terrible pains and I prayed through them. The whole night the pains kept on increasing. At approx 6 am on the 6th of January, 2009, they bought me some breakfast which I could hardly touch as I was in so much pain and could barely talk through them. Hubby came in the morning but couldn’t stay for long as his sugar dropped and he left. I know it sounds weird but my hubby cannot bear hospitals and its injection smells, let alone see his wife in pain. At approx 7 a.m. they burst my water bag and Oh the pains and pressure multiplied after that. At that time I was 7 cm dilated and they were very happy with the fast progress. I bared through just a few more minutes, approx 30 minutes and they checked again and it was a full 10 cm. I was ready to go! I asked them where my doc is and hey said she is on her way but I could wait no more. I prayed and prayed for God to give me strength, I even prayed out loud. I was just glad I made it this far without crying or shouting and without an epidural. In a few minutes I felt the pressure was beyond my control and I told them not to wait for the doctor. They said don’t worry; the doc is at the reception. In a minute, my doctor’s face came in view and I broke into a smile of relief. The next few minutes are a daze for me now as I don’t recall much, just this that somewhere after 8 a.m. they pulled my baby out and put him on my tummy. He was all blue and tiny and I couldn’t really register anything. I remember being stitched but I was looking at the baby being weighed and all in the corner. As son as the doctor was done, my hubby came in to hug me. Oh it was such a precious moment. It’s etched in my memory. Then came in my MIL and she had tears in her eyes. She too hugged me and gave me the phone and it was my daddy congratulating me. After that the reality of not sleeping for the last 2 nights hit me hard. I think I kept dozing in and out as people came in to see me and the baby. There it is… My baby story. My E’s Story

Baby Story: Part FOUR

9 03 2010

On the day of the appt, we reached before time and surprisingly, we didn’t have to wait too long to be ushered in the doctors room. She asked how I am and stuff. The stuff I hate about docs is that they don’t REMEMBER us!!! Arggh, I know I’m being unreasonable and they can’t POSSIBLY remember all their patients but STILL… I love to RANT! Anyway, she did the ultrasound and said call your hubby. I was so dead sure it’s a bad news but called him in and she said that if we have good news, we definitely call the father!!!! Phewww, I couldn’t believe the burden on my shoulders had lifted and I felt so light. We literally ran out of the clinic, got in the car and then called everyone and gave them the good news. The rest of the pregnancy was a breeze, as compared to what I usually hear from people. No nausea, no dizziness, all fabricated craving [a girl can fun right?] and overall enjoyed every bit of it. The best part was that I loved to have fruits and that was just great for the weight gain. Hubby and I bonded so much during these months and it was overall a very easy pregnancy. Till the end I was thinking of having the delivery out of the city at my mums but then I changed my mind and wanted to have it in my city. And then I did something outrageous, I changed my Doctor in my 7th month! Maybe the fact that my doctor’s precious 5 minutes were just not enough for me. And I was also having Very irregular, yet visible contractions [Braxton Hicks] and she dint bother explain them to me. These factors helped me in my decision. I asked the wife of Hubby’s best friend who teaches nursing the best Hospital in my city and she recommended Dr N to me. I made our appt and went there. Unlike Dr. B’s office, where we make our own file, the nurses made my file, took history and ushered me in. The first time we looked at Dr. N, hubby and I both knew that we wanted her to bring our child to this world. She was this middle aged cute lady with a sweet smile. She made me do my blood work again and there they found that my I was getting anemic with every month. I tried to supplement myself with fruits and oral medicines and juices but nothing helped, it only went down. At the last check it went down to 9 and then she instructed me to get the injection for iron. I said 3 injections must be easy. When I got there, I found out I had to get it via a drip which is for 1.5 to 2 hours! Got through the 3 required drips and I couldn’t believe I got through them alone. Hubby wasn’t allowed to sit through them so I told him I’d go alone. Did I mention that I remained very active throughout the pregnancy? I worked right through till a day before my delivery. I wanted to take all of my days off AFTER E came. I had planned my maternity leave like that.

Baby Story : Part THREE

9 03 2010

We stared at her like she was joking with us but her expression didn’t give away anything. She told us that the baby show the growth but has no heart beat which it SHOULD. I vaguely heard her say that we would wait for 10 days and if we still couldn’t find any heartbeat, we’d look into the possibility of a DNC. DNC! It was like the word shouted at me, accusing me of doing something wrong to my baby. Hubby was there and I could barely look at him. I was trying too hard to control my tears. She was saying that it is not at all uncommon in the first trimester to have a miscarriage and there is absolutely NOTHING we would have done and I was just staring at her like she was speaking in French. We said our goodbyes, made the appt for 10 days later and headed for our car. I was just inside the car when I burst like a well. I don’t think I had cried that hard in my entire life. I was so scared. My sister-in-law was there to visit me with my niece and when she heard about it, she consoled me that wait the next 10 days and see what happens, it will be ok, things will work out for me. But no consolation would work on me. She was about to leave in 4 days and so did not want us to be alone when we went there next but I resisted the urge to tell her to stay. Those 10 days were the most painful 10 days of my life…

Baby Story: Part TWO

9 03 2010

I didn’t get any of the usual nausea or dizziness or anything for that matter. E was so easy on me. I asked around my colleagues for a good gynecologist and was recommended to Dr. B. went to her at around 5 weeks I believe and got to see a little tiny image of E there on her machine was just unreal for me. For the initial appts, I was satisfied with her. Though, I didn’t like the fact that she was ALWAYS in a hurry. And almost ALWAYS, I had to wait at her clinic for an hour or 2. It wasn’t hitting me that I was going to be a mother.  We still hadn’t told our folks about it. We were waiting for a few more weeks.

At my week 7’s appointment, the Doc wanted to check the baby’s heartbeat. She poked and poked my belly but could NOT find a heart beat.

Baby Story : Part ONE

9 03 2010

I’ve wanted to write the BIRTH STORY since months now. Wanted the write the experience before it disappears from my memory.  Will first write on how we found out about it…

I and Hubby were married for a year after which we started ttc. Every month I’d get my hopes up and try the hpt only to get disappointed. Would look at kids here and there and it would make me so emotional and hubby would say it would happen when it’s meant to. In the summers of 2008, my in laws went abroad to meet their eldest daughter so me and hubby were alone then. In end April, I half heartedly tried the hpt, not at all expecting the positive sign when lo and behold, it immediately turned POSITIVE. I couldn’t believe! I stared at the test for 10 more minutes, making my mind believe that it is finally true. Hubby was still in bed sleeping when I gave him the good news and his eyes popped open and a huge smile on his face. We would still wait for the blood test to confirm and let the folks know.