what mommyhood taught me

14 06 2011

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5 things that Motherhood has taught me:
1. Patience: Yes, I’m trying my best to get better at it. Be it trying to control my hand when E hits me or trying to resist scolding and shouting at him when he’s taking a long time finishing his food.
2. Ignorance: I’ve learnt that when people comment on what you should and should not do to/with your kids, its best to ignore than to get on in useless arguments.
3. Routine: I’ve learnt that I being one to never remain on a routine and go on endless late nighters by talking and watching TV now get scared of NOT being in a routine. Even on vacation I try to make E stick to his routine to make our lives better. Late nights can take a hike till the kids start sleeping on their own!
4. Multitask: I’ve learnt that it’s not too difficult to soothe a crying baby on one hand and finish cooking and ironing with the other hand. It’s also too difficult to remember to do 100 things for your kids when you usually have a bad memory when it comes to self or spouse.
5. Respect for parents: I never had a great relationship with my mom. Dad, I love to bits. Its after having E that I developed renewed respect for my folks. I salute Y’all
6. One additional factor: I’ve gotten more emotional since becoming a parent and I can easily shed a tear or two when I hear of something happening to kids and/ or parents

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7 Deadly Sins

25 03 2010

I’ve been tagged for the first time. Let’s see 7 Random things about me…

  • I bite my nails, whenever I’m thinking something. It’s just a bad habit because the last I remember, I have pretty nails ONLY at my wedding, after that I’m done beautifying myself. These days I’ve got no nails so I’ve been cracking my knuckles. People find it so irritating but I juts cant help it.
  • I’m obsessed with buying new and latest clothes. I would go to my hometown, shop till I drop and then dump all the unstitched clothes in my cupboard till the fashion goes away. If I see a new style, I HAVE to get it. The excitement just fizzles out once I get it home. This year’s resolution is that I will use all those unstitched clothes before getting any new stuff.
  • I try to dress up when I’m feeling down. I will sometimes put on my best suits, a darker shade of lipstick and blow dry my hair when I’m feeling a little sick.
  • I always imagine like I have a very rare and drastic disease or that I have the worst case of depression and that NO ONE understands me or cares for me. I blame Hubby for not taking care of me. The fact is that even if he does ask me to go to the doctor, I would say “It’s OK, I’m better now”. Poor Hubby!
  • I always, always say a silent prayer of “Thanks to the Lord” when I see someone who is less privileged. The urge to say this prayer is much stronger now since I gave birth to this gem.
  • Whenever we are out, like me and hubby and we’ve just come out of the movies, I will ask him “What next?” I never want the exciting stuff to end
  • I almost always end up messing my best days with a FIGHT. Be it valentines, anniversary or birthday, I just end up crying at the end.

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