1 06 2011

I went through an incident worth noting here. Last night took E to the Community center and as usual he would not sit still for a minute so took him in the baby room where not so baby friendly things are kept, since its not ACTUALLY a baby room. It has 2 PCs kept there and E was playing with them and then he went out when a lady comes there with 2 boys, one must be 5 years and other a 6 – 8 month old. When E came back to that room, the 5 year was on one of the computers (P.S.: Both the PCs were NOT in working condition.) As is E’s nature, he went to the PC where that kid was playing and I gently told E to use the other system but he was stubborn to stick to it. Then after a while the MOTHER told the 5 yr old to use the other system. The kid went there but BOY OH BOY IN WHAT RAGE! I could see fire coming out of that kids eyes. He pulled out the keyboard drawer with all his might and then pushed it again just to show his anger. The kid then went out of the room in his anger and I was looking at the MOTHER and the KID *WIDE EYED*. E went after him and the boy returned running like a GUNDA, his fist and jaws clenched and pure rage in his eyes and I told the mother “Itna gussa?””So much anger?” and she goes like “Yeh gussey ka thora tez hai””Yes, he tends to get a little TOO angry”. Is it just me or is this shocking for anyone else too. I bet if E were alone, the kid would have surely hit him badly looking at his reaction.

This incident left me shocked and stunned! Should a kid this young be indulged when he gets THIS angry? Your views please.

In another news, the SIL and her kids are here and boy or boy, are we having a party or what! E has gotten so possessive and insecure. He has also started his negative behavior of hitting and spitting to get our attention. We’ve tried everything in the book but he just continues it. Whenever he is alone with us, he is the sweetest boy but when in company of the cousins, it’s like some devil has comes over him. Plus his diet is also getting affected by it. He barely finished half of his dinner. Whenever he does not eat well, I tend to take things on my head and completely loose it. Right now looking at E’s jealousy, I was tell Hubby, are you sure we didn’t hurry in deciding to bring baby 2? How will we manage when we are barely able to manage E! we are so low on patience!!


mere baba kidher gaey! “where has my dad gone?”

16 05 2011

I feel so blank looking at this blank screen but enough of procrastination and let’s get on with one of E’s post.
E is turning into such a darling Mashallah… Every day I discover something new about his personality and fall in love with him even more. He has become such a chatterbox, literally gives us an update /report on what went on his day. Our favorite quote of E is “Mere baba kidher hain?” full on with his questioning eyes it cracks us to no end. He has memorized each and every rhythm in his rhythm book by heart and in the exact sequence it’s written. He’s half way through potty training. And I can’t even begin to start writing about our potty conversations with bring the office down with our laughter.

When I was pregnant with E, I wanted a girl and was a tad bit disappointed hearing I was having a boy. Then he was born, I just couldn’t feel that instant BOND for him. Everything I did for him was a duty. I didn’t enjoy it, I was just baring it. For 2 whole years!!

Just a few months back when I spanked and shouted at him thrice in a row to go to sleep, I realized that he will not always be a kid; he will not always be a baby and will never need you as much as he needs you right now. From that day onwards, I fell in love with my baby boy and BOY does he know how to love back or WHAT!! Greeting me with a hug and kiss when I return home to insisting sitting on my lap in the car to asking to sleep on my shoulder, I’m having the time of my life!

Sure, I still have my bad days but am able to stop and think this too shall pass and can’t resist my boys’ hugs.
Baba is gone outstation for a meeting for 3 days and hoping to survive 2 nights without his favorite baba!  Fingers crossed

pure whine

9 05 2011

I have seriously started HATING facebook! I barely write to a bunch of few people and the rest are only there to prove to me what a boring life I have! Vacationing in exotic locations and all, I feel “did I jump in the mommy bandwagon too soon?”.
Yea, go on thinking im a bad mommy… if im a bad mommy so be it but i have my days of self doubt and this is one of those days.

The thing is that now even if the hubby does tell me (Pre pregnancy 2 that is) that lets leave E with grandparents and go, I cant convince myself to leave him… when will this guilt leave me?

Look on the positive side, what have we achieved since we got married?

We have managed to pay off the home loan
Payed off the Car lease for the small car
Popped Baby E!
Bought a brand new bigger car “Lease free”
Sold our existing house and bought a smaller plot in a very good area
Made Baby 2.
Currently the house is under construction and the move would inshallah coincide with baby 2!

Am being too unreasonable right? I have so many things to be grateful for but then there are DAYS such as these when nothing seems great.. I should just shut up and get on with life!

Work woes…

22 04 2011

Work has been boring with a capital B!

In fact I have absolutely NO work since more then a month now. Correction, I have no work since AFTER I have returned from my trip to my folks’.

Let me just briefly describe what I used to do and what I’m doing now. I’m a software engineering and primarily entered for development. Somewhere along the road, my job molded to include a little bit of management with a small team under me. This team works under me only in the Organizational Chart and it’s another long story about my Boss’s management style so we’ll leave it at it.

We had a spell of massive downsizing in our company and most of us survivors had to work at getting new business. So my boss involved me in business development and promotional activities and we were able to acquire some new business. I have to say I loved the pace at which the business development and promotional activities proceeded and I was shifted completely at it.

Now the situation is such that business development is no more our company’s main focus as we are surviving and my boss is deputed on another HUGE project of which we are a very small part. He is also going to be out of city for 2-3 out of 5 days of a week.

Where does that leave me?

I’m just left with a few odd jobs as my initial work has already gone to another developer under me and he’s pretty good at it and there’s no more work with business development either since the boss has his hands full with the HUGE project for the new 15 months.

And the fact that I’m not even trying to make an effort is perhaps a proof that maybe I don’t WANT to take up any more responsibilities at work. My days at work are spent on gmail, fb or reading blogs and waiting for the day to get over. I check out designs for rooms in my new house. The only thing I love about my work day is getting up at a certain time, getting E and his food ready and being out of the house at a particular time.

Have I lost interest in work or am I almost prepared to give it all up?

Protected: Bad mommy moment

19 04 2011

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A weekend well spent

18 04 2011

So as the title suggest, we’re back with a back Alhamdulillah, and all doing well!

E’s temperature is all good and my cough is also almost gone. Hubby and MIL are also doing well although the MIL still cringes with pain if she lifts anything slightly heavy. There goes my plan to continue working  lol… I won’t worry about it now.

Oh hey, we took E to the zoo for the first time in his 2+ years! Bad parenting! God, he was in awe and loved it so much his eyes grow huge every time we mention zoo. He even fed the ducks there (I know that’s wrong) and he went ecstatic when the ducks ate his CHIPS that he was clapping crazy. And we saw how little it takes for these kids to get so happy. Now we’ve decided that if not more then we will definitely take him to the zoo or the park once a month, Inshallah.

Just out of curiosity I’d like to know, how often do you have ultrasounds in your pregnancy? In my first pregnancy with my first doctor, she used to perform one at every visit (not a high risk pregnancy or anything like that) till 7 months when I switched my doctor and after that I had only 1 as I was having Braxton hicks. They did however do the Doppler after the 7th month at every visit. She’s the doctor who delivered E through vaccum and I was satisfied with the overall experience. My switch was due to the fact that the second doctor was in the private hospital that I wanted to deliver my baby in as my first was a private clinic not used for deliveries.

For my second pregnancy, I opted to go to the hospital doctor right from the beginning. I was there at 8-9 weeks when she told me to get an ultrasound to check for the heartbeat (which I had to get from outside since the hospital had a 3 hour long waiting). I went again at 13 weeks and she just started me on iron and calcium tablets after my cough is finished and told me to come back in 6 weeks with a fresh ultrasound. I don’t feel anything wrong with Me, Mashallah and thankfully the nausea has subsided as well as the rest of the tests are out normal (except for that one catch with rubella which has cleared now). Is it because I’ve already been through a normal pregnancy and am not above 30 either? So maybe so many ultrasounds are not required at the moment? Also they’re not doing the Doppler on me either, is it too early for the Doppler to detect the heartbeat? Should I be concerned or just relax since I don’t feel anything wrong with the baby?

What was your experience?

The whining continues…

15 04 2011

If you thought I have whined enough in the last post then worry not though it’s not just in my head.
Wednesday after daycare, E reached home and was slightly hot to feel. MIL gave him his bottle of milk and let him rest. When he got up, she checked his temperature and it was above 101 so gave him the fever medicine. After reaching home, I started playing with him and his temp went down but try as I might I couldn’t get much dinner into him. I left it at it and we went to bed to sleep. After about an hour or so hubby came to sleep and he woke me up to check E’s temp as he felt very hot. I checked the temp and it was going above 103 and he started jerking his head which was really scary. We gave him the fever medicine but he kept on burning. The MIL got cold milk to put on his head, feet and hands and when that didn’t do much for his temp, he out cold water cloth on his forehead. The fever eventually subsided and after a lot of cajoling, we all went to sleep with the fever staying down (Shukar Alhamdulillah).

After consulting the doctor, he said it’s the climatic changes and just try to keep him indoors and give him fluids and milk to build his immunity. The day went by fine and after his nap, he was hot again but got better after his dose of fever medicine. We were thankfully able to get in him some food as well and he was playing around fine.

For his sleep problem, we have removed his crib from our room since he LOATHES it and attached a single bed (charpoi) to the foot of our bed. He went to sleep in it fine but had to be rudely woken up at midnight since his fever spiked up again and had to be given his dose of medicine. He didn’t go back to sleep in his bed again. Unlike the last night, we didn’t have to do much to get his fever down this time and it went down itself and stayed down for the rest of the night. I’m back at work today but E is home with MIL. He is still refusing to take any breakfast and only taking his milk but thankfully his temp is down and he is in good spirits.

Hope the weekend proves restful for all of us, Inshallah!