A naughty baby

13 09 2011

Gosh this baby is such a naughty one, just wont let us find out the gender. I’ve been trying since the 5th month to try and find out the gender but to no avail, every time the baby successfully hid between his/her legs!!! i went in again last night for my scan which might be the last one but had the umbilical cord between his/her legs and the doctor tried to find out from every angle but NO!

Looks like it’ll be a BIG Surprise!!! 🙂


11 09 2011

I think I’ll just stop apologizing for my long absence and get on with business 🙂

Okay, first things first, I’m officially Waddling now! :p And walking like a BADMAASH! uggh the pressure and the weight is bending me bad. Since its now the 35th week, I’m just surviving 🙂

I’m on my Maternity Leave so taking it all very easy now. The best part is that E started his nursery and Mashallah he’s Lovin’it! Since my maternity leave and E’s school started at the same time, I’m having a ball spending loads of time with him, pampering him to bits before the new one comes… I still have not decided about resuming work after the baby and don’t intend to decide till I’m settled in.

The house construction is going in full swing but looks like we still have a few things to get done before shifting. Maybe we will shift AFTER the baby.

My gynaec will be on leave till the 28th of this month which means I’ll be 37 weeks pregnant then and just have to make it till then without having to run to emergency. God please I’m really scared and to be bearing the pain and scare with a new doctor will be just too much. Please pray that I have a safe and normal delivery Inshallah.