lets bring each other up to date

9 03 2010

Let’s bring each other up to date with each other. I’ve already that I work full time so let me just talk about my daily routine.

I wake up in the morning at around 8:00 am. Hubby gets up at 7:30 am, makes tea and gets me my bed tea with my sandwich or my brownie. E wakes up or rather I wake him up by 8:20 am by kissing his face and cooing him by saying “good morning”. Get ready for work by 8:30 and rush down with E, make him a bottle of milk, hand him to MIL and rush in the car with hubby. As usual we get late by 10 minutes.

Stay at work till 5:30 or 5:45 pm, whenever MIL reaches with E and then drive to a mutual point where we meet Hubby and get in his car. Driver takes the care back to FIL and the 3 of us go to our community center. We stay there till 8:00 pm and then head off home. Reach home, heat up food that MIL has already cooked; eat it while E starts whining to be picked up. Finally at 10 pm I feed him his cereal dinner and head upstairs to iron my clothes for the next day and to lay out E’s clothes for the next day. After getting the clothes ready, make E’s bed on the floor as he HATED his crib and needs a lot of space. We still co sleep and he sleep on the floor.

While I’m making his bed, E comes up with his dad and I do a some what nightly routine. I was his face, hands and feet with warm water, put his PJ’s, change his diapers, put vicks on his nose and chest (he has flu) and read him his nursery rhythms book. Hubby then makes his bottle of warm milk, turns off the light and leaves the room while I feed him his bottle, lie down with him and get him to fall asleep.

Hubby returns, we sleep and then E wakes up anywhere from 2-5 times before morning 6 am when we take him in bed. When he wakes up at night, we get up lie down with him and get up when he falls asleep again.

There you go, this is my usual routine.




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